How To Consolidate Your Debts After Bankruptcy

When you consolidate your debts, especially the past due ones, you don’t actually get to pay them off completely. What it does, however, is to make them current again, easier to pay, and highly unlikely to be charged off, all of which are big boosts to your credit score. Consolidating your debts means you retire […]

Do you really have to spend a fortune on a wedding?

Your wedding is just that–your wedding! You can make it memorable without going into deep debt. Check out these tips to cut back on wedding expenses:l

Is credit card debt keeping you up at night?

Are you mired in credit card debt? Bankruptcy may be able to provide the financial relief you’re looking for.

Do I have Enough Debt to File Bankruptcy?

The end of Summer brings the Fall season – which to many means football and barbeque. This was most true for me when I lived in Oklahoma. Most of my neighbors were extremely emotional about their football and their barbeque. I wasn’t surprised with the love of football. But I was extremely surprised at how […]

How will my Inheritance be Treated in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Whether your inheritance will be turned over in a Utah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy depends on two things: The date you became entitled to the inheritance; and Whether the inheritance is exempt The general rule is an inheritances received within 180 days of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is part of the bankruptcy estate. If you […]

Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

If your credit score has dropped below 7:20, then you need to learn the seven steps to a 7:20 credit score as it could be a sign of financial distress. What Happens When Your Score Goes Below 720? When your credit score goes below 720 you start paying higher interest rates on your mortgages, your car […]

What is the Automatic Stay?

This article is about the automatic stay in bankruptcy. This is one of the things that an individual or a company filing bankruptcy really wants, and this is the part of the law that says that on the filing of a bankruptcy petition, all collection activity has to stop. All creditors have to stop what they’re doing […]

How Long After Bankruptcy Can I Buy A House?

If you absolutely had to file for bankruptcy in Utah, it’s what you had to do. You discharged your unsecured debts. Great. They’re gone and you have a fresh start. So now you want to purchase a house. After bankruptcy, you are off to a fresh start but that does not mean that you can […]

Not All Debts Are Dischargeable in a Utah Bankruptcy

Certain debts are non-dischargeable in a Utah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Utah Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Examples of debts that are generally non-dischargeable in a Utah Bankruptcy are student loans, any debt procured by fraud, taxes less than three years old, child support obligations, and alimony obligations. Certain debts arising out of a divorce can be […]

What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Bankruptcy offers individuals a number of advantages over liquidation under Chapter 7. Chapter 13 can be a good solution for people who need time to pay off certain debts and who have enough income to meet the Chapter 13 requirements. Chapter 13 can also protect third-parties (“co-signers”) who are liable […]