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Examining what a bankruptcy filing entails

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Phone-call phobia? We can help with that

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How To Consolidate Your Debts After Bankruptcy

When you consolidate your debts, especially the past due ones, you don’t actually get to pay them off completely. What it does, however, is to make them current again, easier to pay, and highly unlikely to be charged off, all of which are big boosts to your credit score. Consolidating your debts means you retire […]

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Is credit card debt keeping you up at night?

Are you mired in credit card debt? Bankruptcy may be able to provide the financial relief you’re looking for.

Do I have Enough Debt to File Bankruptcy?

    Your non-bankruptcy options I always advise people to avoid filing for bankruptcy, if you can. Anything that gives you immediate or a better long-term outcome is more preferable than bankruptcy. For instance, let’s look at what happens if you own a home. Usually, filing for bankruptcy improves your credit score within 2 years, […]

How will my Inheritance be Treated in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Whether your inheritance will be turned over in a Utah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy depends on two things: The date you became entitled to the inheritance; and Whether the inheritance is exempt The general rule is an inheritances received within 180 days of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is part of the bankruptcy estate. If you […]