How to Stop Harassing Phone Calls from Creditors

BNK CreditorsIf you’re tired of the fear that strikes you every time the phone rings because it might be a bill collector, or the sick feeling you get when you go to pick up the mail in anticipation of another demand letter from a creditor, help is available. Under federal law, once you file for bankruptcy, all collection activity is required to stop immediately.

Many people shy away from the idea of bankruptcy because they feel that it indicates some sort of failure on their part. In truth, thousands of families across the state have found themselves in financial hardship due to job loss, serious illness and other circumstances beyond their control.

Getting Back Your Peace of Mind

The provision in the law that ends harassment is called the automatic stay.  Creditors’ adherence to the automatic stay is important for many reasons.  Not only does it give you the time and space you need to get your affairs in order, it also allows the court to manage your case without any outside interference from creditors or other parties.

When creditors continue to attempt to collect a debt that was included in your bankruptcy, they are essentially in violation of a court order.  If you have trouble with over-zealous bill collectors once your bankruptcy petition has been filed, refer them to our office and we will handle the situation for you.  We will explain that we are assisting you with a bankruptcy and that any further communication regarding the debt should come through our office.

At Law Offices of Ryan E. Simpson, P.C., our dedicated bankruptcy lawyers represent clients throughout Utah to get the debt relief they need to make a fresh start.

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